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For additional information, please contact Katie Pontacoloni:

Work completed over the summer includes:

  • Finalizing the universal competencies for dysphagia, MBS, FEES and trach/vent. 
  • A small subcommittee of the Medical committee worked with the VP of Government Affairs to get temporary license numbers assigned to CF applicants (once the SPE is approved).

Stay tuned for updates about new initiatives following the first committee meeting of the year.

Below is a link to the CT Medical SLP Directory. Feel free to use this directory as you need to help provide the most comprehensive care for your patients across settings. Just a quick reminder about privacy with email. Many of providers prefer to be contacted via email; however, make sure that if you are sharing patient information, the email is encrypted, or you are leaving out patient identifiers.

If your information changes during the year please send me an email with the updates and I’ll try to get this directory re-distributed every fall. I can be reached at

Thank you again for your support!


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