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2023 Fall Conference



Virtual Fall Conference

December 14, 2023


Bilingualism is the theme of this year's conference. Join us for two incredible speakers to learn about the considerations and tools essential for working with this population.


6:30 PM to 8:30 PM


Assessing language in adults, when your languages may not overlap: Tools for assessing monolinguals and bilinguals


Dr. Marta Korytkowska Ph.D. CCC-SLP


4:00 PM to 6:00 PM


Assessing language disorders in bilingual children: Protocol for the monolingual SLP


Dr. Rhea Paul Ph.D. CCC-SLP



Description of presentation:

Assessing language in Adults, when your languages may not overlap: tools for assessing monolinguals and bilinguals:

A presentation of tools for monolingual or English speaking SLP's who work with individuals who are monolingual in a language other than English, or bilingual. Considerations for cultural and linguistic influence, current research, as well tools for assessment are discussed within this offering. 

.2 CEUs


Assessing language disorders in bilingual children: Protocol for the monolingual SLP

An evidence-based strategy for distinguishing language difference from language disorder in bilingual children from any language background will be presented. Techniques for the monolingual SLP to use to validly identify language disorders in children from non-English speaking home will be described. 

.2 CEUs


Speaker Bios:

Dr. Marta Korytkowska Ph.D. CCC-SLP:

Marta Korytkowska Ph.D. CCC-SLP is a Speech Language Pathologist with a focus on adult speech, language and swallowing disorders in acute care and private practice. Marta is the founder of Allied Foundations, a budding online repository for allied health professional education. She is adjunct faculty in New York University's Communication Disorders Program and the 2nd Year Curriculum Coordinator for the Patricia A. Tietjen Teaching Academy at Nuvance Health. Her previous projects focused on executive functions and bilingual advantage in heritage language bilinguals and morphology in individuals with aphasia. Currently her projects are related to lexical retrieval and its relationship with cognition. She has published on PPA, Alzheimer's Disease and language sampling procedures in adults. Most recently Dr. Korytkowska's professional interest has been in interdisciplinary education, bridging the gap between MDs and SLPs.

Dr. Rhea Paul Ph.D. CCC-SLP:

Rhea Paul, Ph.D. CCC-SLP, Board Certified Specialist in Child Language Disorders
Rhea is a former CSHA President, Retired Professor and Founding Chair of Department of Communication Disorders at Sacred Heart University, author of over 100 refereed journal articles, over 50 book chapters, and 10 books. She received the Ritvo-Slifka Award for Innovative Clinical Research from the International Society for Autism Research in 2010 and Honors of the Association for lifetime achievement in 2014 from the American Speech-Language and Hearing Association. She currently serves as Director of ABCs 4 ASD, an interprofessional training program for SLPs and OTs in enhancing literacy for students with ASD, funded by the U. S. Office of Education.