How to Renew Your Memberhip

In order to renew your CSHA membership, you must:

  1. Have an online account on the CSHA website;
  2. Be successfully logged-in to that account;
  3. Be within 60 days of your expiration date OR have an expired membership*

We have provided you with a login form on this page for your convenience.

Once you login successfully, you will be automatically directed to the Member and Event Management page. If you are inside the 60-day renewal window or have an expired membership, you will be presented with a “Renew Now!” button that looks like this:

Press the button and follow the form provided to renew your membership.

If you login and do NOT see the “Renew Now” button, then you do not to renew at this time.

* If you login with greater than 60 days left in your membership term, you will not be presented with any renewal options.

Login Here

Your username is EITHER your email address OR your membership number. Email is NOT case-sensitive.

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