Every year, on October 22, the world-wide stuttering community and its allies band together to share messages of hope, inspiration and EDUCATION about stuttering!

This year, the team at Stuttering Therapy Resources (STR) are celebrating International Stuttering Awareness Day (ISAD) by posting useful stuttering treatment information on their social media outlets. Feel free to follow them here:

IG: https://www.Instagram.com/StutteringTherapyResources
FB: https://www.Facebook.com/StutteringTherapyResources

You won’t want to miss…

1. STR’s new and ongoing series, Wednesday WHYs: Join STR as they discuss current research that drives our clinical practice!

2. Posts from STR’s students help us to become better allies, as we become more aligned with the needs of people who stutter.


3. STR’s super-secret FLASH SALE just for ISAD. It will be the largest discount STR has EVER offered. This discount will be available ONLY to STR’s social media friends and ONLY between 12:00am EST and 11:59pm EST today, Thursday, October 22nd.

This will be a great time for you to add the new OASES in SPANISH to your assessment library! Here are the links:
Printed OASES (for USA and International Use)
Print-Your-Own OASES (for International Use)


Check out STR’s latest Guest Blog Post from Christopher Constantino, PhD, CCC-SLP, on one of the inspirations for his new book, Stammering Pride and Prejudice. This book is an absolute must-read for people who stutter, their families, and SLPs!

And finally…

STR shares some of the many great ISAD happenings from around the world. These resources will be great for you, your students, and their families!

The ISAD Conference is online and definitely international! Check it out here: https://isad.isastutter.org

American Institute for Stuttering Teen Takeover! https://stutteringtreatment.org/event/speaker-series-teen-takeover/

It’s How We Talk Series! Amazing info from Stamma (the British Stammering Association): https://stamma.org/news-features/its-how-we-talk

When I Stutter, the award-winning documentary, is now FREE on Kanopy. Many public libraries give free access to Kanopy with your library card, so check it out at www.kanopy.com.

Our friend, Uri Schneider has compiled videos on stuttering from around the internet. Find it here for info and inspiration: https://www.schneiderspeech.com/blog/best-stuttering-videos

A UNITED work from stuttering support organizations across the globe…MUST WATCH and share #ItsHowWeTalk: https://youtu.be/woJnudD797Q

The National Stuttering Association’s Annual Conference went ONLINE this year due to COVID. Session replays are FREE and can be found here: https://westutter.org/conference/

That’s all for now. We will reach out again in November, when we’ll have news about our forthcoming Go-To Guides™️ for stuttering therapy.

Happy ISAD from STR!