Hi everybody,

These are trying times on so many levels. No one will leave 2020 the same and the hope is that we will come out better on the other side of these challenges. One thing we have all learned is that we need each other more than ever.

Let’s come together as a community supporting people with hearing loss, like our son Matthew who inspired us to lead Hear Here Hartford (HHH) over 12 years ago with a mission to empower teens and young adults with hearing loss. Although we cannot safely come together in person this year, please join us for the virtual walk on June 13th starting at 9:45am featuring a mini-tour of CT historic sites important to our community. Don’t miss a fun CRIDDERS performance, Valentine the Clown sighting, and a LIVE portion too! But you must first reserve your seat through this link Connecticut Walk4Hearing. Sign language interpreting and captioning will be provided.

If you can make a donation to support our continued HHH programming, you can click on this link. http://hlaa.convio.net/site/TR/Teamraiser/HartfordWalk?px=1548828&pg=personal&fr_id=2635

HHH will continue to bring our community together by bringing programs virtually and in person when we can safely do so. The current challenges of social distancing has been difficult for all of us, but has impacted our hearing loss community particularly with a masked world deteriorating sound quality and covering facial cues that are so critical for effective communication. Our HHH Board has had numerous conversations and Zoom calls to brainstorm solutions to minimize the frustrations shared by so many in our community leading to a social media campaign to raise awareness of these issues.

This will be one focus for this year’s event. We hope to raise awareness, educate the public, provide tips and help fund the ability to secure clear masks to be used in the workplace, with healthcare professionals, school settings and with friends and family members to enhance communication capabilities. Helpful tips like utilizing the speech to text capabilities of a smartphone, wearing a pin or badge to help with communication will also be shared.

Please be well and hope to see you on June 13th!

Terry & Jim Bedard
Parents of Matthew &
2020 Walk4Hearing Co-Chairs