The ABCs of Learning Issues Wins a Parent Teacher Choice Award 

Authored by educational expert and learning specialist Dana Stahl, M.Ed., the book provides concrete strategies to help children reach their full potential 

NEW YORK CITY (June 20, 2019) — The ABCs of Learning Issues, a practical guide to help parents understand various learning disabilities and behaviors that they may observe at home and hear about from their children’s teachers, recently was named a gold medal winner by the Parent Teacher Choice™ Awards. Authored by educational expert and learning specialist Dana Stahl, M.Ed. and available in both English and Spanish versions, the book offers effective teaching strategies that can be used in school and at home, as well as a list of professionals who can assist in treating specific learning issues.

The Parent Teacher Choice Awards from is an international awards program recognized by both parents and teachers. Each year, the awards team judges the entries based on brain-based learning principles, creativity, innovation, and fun to honor products of exceptional quality and outstanding performance at home and in the school environment.

In regards to The ABCs of Learning Issues, the awards’ website said, “As members of our Parent Teacher Choice Team have had their own kids on 504 Plans and also headed up IEP Student Study Teams, we highly recommend this book if your child or student has any learning issues.”

Stahl understands the struggle learning disabled students face and the plight parents have when trying to advocate for their children as she faced similar issues in school as a dyslexic student. To facilitate a dialogue addressing parents’ questions and concerns, Stahl will personally answer questions via the ‘Ask Dana’ tab on her website at This unique and personal dialogue underscores Stahl’s commitment to helping parents and professionals work together to support children with learning disabilities.

The ABCs of Learning Issues explores 24 of the most commonly observed learning issues, including immature social-emotional development, decoding skills, and academic anxiety. The book describes each learning issue in layman’s terms, as well as provides clinical and educator definitions. It also offers a robust ‘Resource’ section that includes a glossary, tips for parents to effectively communicate with their children’s schools, and a list of organizations that can provide assistance.

The ABCs of Learning Issues is available for purchase at for $39.99. Learn more about the book and the Parent Teacher Choice Awards at 

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