Through the Healthy Communication & Popular Technology Initiative, ASHA will be kicking off the holiday season with some simple tips and advice for families on how they can minimize popular tech use—and maximize time for conversation and communication—over the next few weeks.
Keep your eyes out for the following pieces from ASHA that you can share with families on these topics:
10 Tips for Helping Your Family Go Low-er Tech This Holiday Season (article coming soon)
If the sounds of ringtones, alerts, and push notifications have replaced those of sleigh bells, holiday music, and crackling fires, a lower-tech holiday season may be in order. ASHA offers 10 tips for turning this seemingly impossible challenge into a reality.
The holiday season is supposed to be all about family time, but true bonding can be lost in the holiday shuffle—whether it’s the stress of seemingly endless holiday prep, constant interference from mobile devices, or something else. ASHA offers prime opportunities to maximize conversation, communication, and connection this holiday season.
Tech gifts on kids’ holiday wish lists? Parents may have concerns about opening the Pandora’s Box of tech use, particularly with a child’s first device. ASHA provides some tips for setting the appropriate tone from the start.
As always, ASHA notes that children who use low- and high-tech augmentative and alternative communication (AAC) devices should continue to use them at all times—and in an interactive way.
More articles will be released soon, so keep your eyes on ASHA’s social media accounts, the ASHA press room, and the Initiative’s Medium site.