The Department of Speech-Language-hearing at the University of Kansas is conducting this study to better understand assessment for Augmentative and Alternative Communication in the population with aphasia. This will entail your completion of the survey below. Your participation is expected to take approximately 10 minutes to complete this survey. There is no anticipated risk in filling this survey.

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Although participation may not benefit you directly, you will become aware of information about some aspects of AAC assessments and usage for individuals with aphasia. This survey will help us gain a better understanding of the clinician dependent factors potentially influencing AAC success with aphasia in the US and India. Your participation is solicited, although strictly voluntary. Your name will not be associated in any way with research findings. No identifiable information will be provided in this study. It is possible, however, with internet communications, that through intent or accident someone may see your response.

If you would like additional information concerning this study before or after it is completed, please feel free to contact us by email at Completion of this survey indicates your willingness to take part in this study. If you have any additional questions about your rights as a research participant, may call (785) 864-7429 or (785) 864-7385, write the Human Research Protection Program (HRPP), University of Kansas, 2385 Irving Hill Road, Lawrence, Kansas 66045-7568, or email


Juhi Kidwai, PhD student                                 Julie H. Gatts, M.A., CCC-SLP
Principal Investigator                                        Faculty Supervisor
Dept. of Speech-Language-Hearing            Dept. of Speech-Language-Hearing
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